Extent Of Inequalities The Differently-Abled Class Face Globally.

Disabled people who belong to under-developed and developing countries face a lot of survival barriers.  While normal people get all that they require and are still demanding, the disabled class are deprived even of their basic rights. They face a lot of societal barriers and some of them are as follows:

  • The disabled class has to survive amidst people with poor empathizing skills. Disabled people are being bullied, teased, mocked and laughed at, and face severe discrimination. Though now the society is becoming aware of the way in which these disabled people have to be addressed, that alone is not enough to give them a happy environment.
  • Some severely disabled people face serious barriers in communication. Since their method of communication is different they find it hard to put their thoughts across.
  • In developing countries where there aren’t proper facilities even for the abled the disabled will find it hard to move from one place to the other. Every time they need something they have to depend on others to do it for them.
  • Disabled people though talented find it hard to get good employment opportunities. They lose good job offers because their employer’s do not want a disabled person inside their campus.

Crimes happening against disabled people:

  • Persons with disability are 4 to 10 times more likely to get abused than the person without any disability.
  • The disabled people are physically abused by pushing them down, hitting and man-handling them.
  • Sometimes teasing them and humiliating them in front of others can lower their self-esteem, leaving them emotionally abused.
  • Taking advantage over their disability, they may be approached with unhealthy intentions. In such cases, a disabled person can get sexually harassed or abused.
  • Most of the times a disabled person will not be able to react to the deeds of the public. Cashing in on this situation these people can also be financially abused.
  • People involved in such acts need not have to strangers. Family members, relatives, spouse, employers can also inhumanly harass these handicapped or disabled people.
  • Due to the unfair behavior of the society, most differently abled individuals face a lot of psychological difficulties making it hard for them to face the society.

These reasons are more than enough to prove that the society hasn’t been fair to the differently-abled people. Though we say the situation has changed a lot, it is still not adequate enough to call it a stress-free environment for a disabled person. Countries all over the world have to go through a lot of changes and eradicate the social inequalities faced by the disabled people. People should boldly come out and raise voice against such anti-social issues and help in creating a difference.