Disability – The Biggest Social Problem.

We live in a society filled with people who belong to various ethnicities. We proudly call it unity in diversity. But it is the same society that ill-treats the disabled and looks down upon them as elements of disgrace and disgust. We still see a lot of narrow-minded people who see them as a sign of ill-omen. Society must be a place of harmony where people irrespective of, ‘who they are’ and ‘how they are’ can co-exist. If a person is denied his rights to live the way he wants and isn’t allowed to do so because of his disability, then there is something wrong with the way in which this society works.

How society looks at the disabled:

Disability can either be physical or mental in nature. Mentally challenged people are found in all races and cultures and account for roughly three percent of the global population. There have always been mentally challenged people within our society; however, they have not been easily accepted in the past.   Low-functioning individuals were once looked upon as “objects” of dread and ridicule and were even thought to have been demonic or possessed.   This view has changed drastically, yet there is still a lot of prejudice towards the mentally challenged and handicapped.

It’s time to realize:

How many of us look at people who are differently abled and think that they are talented people? In fact, they are even more talented than normal ones. All they need is love, compassion, positive support, and encouragement. Kids with intellectual disabilities want to develop their skills to the best of their abilities. They want to go to school, play and feel support from loving families and good friends. Legendary examples like HelenKeller, Wilma Rudolph, Steven William Hawking and Beethoven who were differently abled people excelled in their respective fields and made a mark in the history. We still find a lot differently abled people who are excelling in and around our own place.

Make a difference:

In general differently abled people have won little acceptance among the public, while in most cases they become victims of criticism and harassment. A lot of NGO’s and governmental organizations are taking various initiatives to improve the life of the disabled people. They have also taken steps to change the way in which they are being addressed. The word disabled, lame, deaf, dumb and blind are replaced with the words like differently-abled, physically challenged, mute and visually-challenged, respectively.

Be the change you want to see. So if you think that discrimination shown towards the disabled is unfair, try and bring a change. Prevent these people from being bullied. Befriend someone with a disability and help them understand that they aren’t in any way different from others. A little love and care can help them make wonders. Let us all join hands and make a difference.